Thursday, November 15, 2012

Festival of Phantasms

Photos from our 2012 Halloween Haunt, Faegoria, are now online. Besides the daytime pictures you’ll notice two distinct sets of pictures. The first set which consists of mostly greens and orange hues were from the original setup. Due to the impending arrival of hurricane Sandy we decided to put everything out the Saturday (October 27th) before the arrival of the storm so we could at least take some pictures and share the setting with family. Sunday morning we tore the entire display down and packed it away, Sandy would be here on Monday.

The second set of pictures are mostly in tones of blue. Those are the pictures that were actually taken Halloween night. We were fortunate not to have any damage from the hurricane, our neighborhood maintained power during and after, and while rain was in the forecast we thankfully didn’t get any. At last minute we decided to put up a scaled back display in the garage which was met with a ton of success. In a sense we had Halloween on two nights. Good times despite the weather.